EasyKlima Gas refill


Our replacement for refrigerant allows to refill the A/C system in a quick, safe and easy way. The manual and diagnostic diagram attached will help you refill the A/C system on your own.

All you need is a pressure gauge hose.

Composition:The product contains natural hydrocarbon gas which is safe both for the environment as well as the vehicle.It also contains a dye, which is a special contrast agent that allows to identify possible leaks in the system, using UV lamp (ultraviolet light).1 can (170g net) contains the equivalent of 510g of R12 gas / 453g of R134a gas.


  • 100% safe for your car and the environment,
  • refills the system in just 10 minutes,
  • non-toxic, does not cause corrosion of A/C components,
  • effective and efficient,
  • products based on a technology developed in our laboratory in the USA, and successfully distributed all over Europe for several years. We have had no complaints regarding the effectiveness of our products.

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