EasyKlima means user- and environment-friendly solutions. Our preparations prolong the life of the air-conditioning system in each car and significantly reduce the costs of complicated repairs.

Our constantly improved formula has been appreciated by more than 6 million satisfied users all over the world, while our representative office in Poland has been operating continuously for more than 10 years, from where we sell throughout Europe. The focus of our laboratory work is the continuously improved formulation of our sealants, the so-called LeakStops. We provide our customers with the lightest formulations currently available on the market, thanks to which the distribution of the refrigerant is carried out in the most effective way, reducing energy losses and consequently reducing compressor wear, lowering fuel consumption and increasing cooling efficiency by +35%.

The effectiveness of our products has been confirmed by our customers. Over the course of several years in business, we have not had any complaints about the performance of our sealants or any returns.

EasyKlima Academy

Lack of air supply from the A/C system does not necessarily mean that the system is defective.

The operation of the A/C compressor is controlled by a sensor. The most frequent reason why the compressor might be switching off are losses of the refrigerant in the system. After refilling the refrigerant to the required level, the compressor resumes operation.

You are recommended to:

regularly (once a year) check the pressure in the A/C system and refill the refrigerant to the required level (the recommended pressure value range is marked in green on the manometer which can be purchased in a set with the refrigerant or separately).

The use of our products is extremely easy and does not require any specialist tools or a workshop.

A growing group of our satisfied customers are women who appreciate the ease of use of our products. All it takes is to find the low-pressure valve, connect the gas can or sealant (as required) to the hose and fill up the system to the required pressure marked in green on the manometer which can be purchased in a set in our auctions). The whole procedure takes only a couple of minutes.

Refraining from using the A/C during winter months may adversely affect the system.

The most common reason for leaks in the A/C system is the age of the vehicle; the older the car, the greater the corrosion and perforation of system components. If the A/C system is not used during the winter period, it tends to leak and “age” faster.


Regular use of the A/C during the winter period dehumidifies the interior and helps to reduce the growth of fungi and mould in the vehicle as well as the entire system Using the A/C in winter also has other advantages – if the refrigerant is distributed regularly in the system (also in winter), the risk of perforations and leaks in the system can be significantly reduced.

The order of application of the products is important.

A reduced level of refrigerant in the system reduces cooling efficiency or causes the compressor to shut down. The most common causes of refrigerant loss are leaks that occur with the age of the vehicle. Refilling the refrigerant solves the problem temporarily, but in case of leaks it is not a permanent solution, because the gas escapes from the system.

We recommend: 

regularly (once a year) check the pressure in the A/C system (the preferred pressure is marked in green on the EasyKlima manometer, which can be purchased in our store). In case of reduced pressure (white color marked as LOW on the manometer EasyKlima) apply EasyKlima sealant – LeakStop first, in order to stop any leakage. Application of sealant, which in its composition also contains gas – should solve the problem. If the leak is so big, that the amount of gas will not solve the problem – only then we recommend to apply a container of gas. Such sequence of application of our preparations will permanently solve the problem of cavities in the installation for many years.